One of a Kind, CreationsOne of a Kind Designs

One of a kind creations are generally those that are fabricated from metals, or are multi-media, such as the resin pendants. The primary metals used are fine silver, sterling silver, copper, nickel and brass.

These creations are never to be repeated and take time in their design and fabrication.

For pendants, the chain is the one item that can be somewhat customized. For example, if one prefers a snake chain rather than a cable chain, or leather cord used in lieu of a metal chain, this can be accommodated. Depending upon the length and material, the price will vary. Please contact me for details.

While these creations are more expensive, you are guaranteed a wearable piece of art that no one else will have.


​Customizable DesignsCustomizable Designs

While each creation is handmade, these can be customized on a limited basis, and are restricted to certain components.

For example, the color of the Swarovski crystal can be changed. Swarovski crystals come in a myriad of colors, one sure to suit your personality. Certain Swarovski elements are produced in limited colors.

Other customizable components are ear wires and clasps. Ear wires can be either lever-back or French wire earring hooks.

While the structure will remain mostly the same, colors and findings can be a bit more versatile.

If a special fabrication is required, please allow additional time for the sourcing of the components. Please note that certain Swarovski crystals, such as drops and shapes, are produced in limited colors. Please contact me for more information and pricing.


Portfolio of Past Designs

Most of these are one of a kind in nature and these serve the single purpose of demonstrating my artistic inspirations. These have been sold and are no longer available. To preserve the specialness of the piece, these are not reproducible.